Sunday, March 1, 2015

July 2014

Bear Lake Vacation Continued

Wonder what this kid has been eating?

Grandpa Ross smashed between the minions.

Will loves corn on the cob.

Will and Matt love Bear Lake Vacation because of all the little cousins.  We walked around the house and found all the boys taking turns jumping off the porch.  Here are some action shots of the little turkeys.

Matt isn't about to be out done by his big brother.

Craft of the day was painting monkeys.

Here we are.  It's really hard to get both boys to look at the camera at the same here's two pics.

Ross and Lisa

Stephanie, John, and Jaxon

Ross and JoLynn

The girls.  We are missing Dave and Shauna.

July 2014

Bear Lake Vacation

Will found the candy stash.  His favorite candy...

Matt also indulging. 

Howdy, John is showing off the guns and his drink of choice.

Will is ready for a swim!

So is Matt

The relaxation station!

Sand castle creations

Limited seating arraignments force the boys to take matters into their own hands.

June 2014


Will turns 5, Wow!  Time does fly.  We are so happy that Will is healthy and strong.  Here are some pictures of Will opening his presents.

Oh yeah, a play tent!

Will has been after us to get him some of his own binoculars.  Now he has his own...and we can keep the finger prints off of his Dad's binoculars.

Here's Will anticipating the last present.

A Dusty Crop Hopper scooter!

Jodi does a great job creating cakes for birthdays!

Both the boys watch a show on PBS called "Wild Kratts".  This show takes viewers on animal adventures around the world.  After they learn about an animal, the show changes to a cartoon and the hosts turn into the animal they are talking about. 

Here are some creature power discs.  These discs are what help the hosts change into the animals.

Oh yes, Will wanted Dad to test out his Captain America mask. 

Will looks pretty official with all his gear on.

May 2014

Memorial Day and Bear Lake Spring Cleaning

Most of the men were in charge of  cleaning out the garage.  Look at all the old and broken stuff we cleaned out of the garage.

The Boys get a kick out of riding the little 4-wheeler.  After the lawn was mowed, the boys went for a ride around the yard.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

May 2014

Birthdays and More Demolition

   We celebrated Blair's birthday with a great cheese cake.  Cheese cake is one of Blair's favorite desserts.  All enjoyed the dessert and party.  Here are some pictures of the finished bathroom.

Shortly after we finished the inside of the bathroom.  We noticed that the baseboard on the family room side of the wall was bowing at the bottom and appeared wet.  This seemed strange because we had torn the bathroom side of the wall apart to check for leaks and found none.  Well, we discovered that the cabinet above the toilet had been screwed to the wall by the previous home owner and they missed the stud and drilled into the water drain instead.  When the cabinet and screws were removed to paint, the leak reappeared.   Here are the pics of the other side of the wall.

On the back side of the pipe to the right was were the hole was.  We called a plumber and he cut out and repaired the pipe.  Blair then proceeded to sheet rock, tape, mud, sand, prime, paint, and apply the new base board.

Finished product...finally!